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Biology ^-^
Thursday, May 07, 2009


Alhamdulillah berjaya kemas kan lab bio...
esok hari yg ditunggu2kan^-^

tugas yg diberikan:

ambil blood pressure/BMI
terangkan pasal development of embryo..

[terasa mcm doc plak]

walaupun penat..
harap2 dengan izin Allah
berjayalah program ini

writtern @1:49 AM

*exam mode*
Monday, May 04, 2009

Assalamualaikum ^-^
baru balik sekolah..
I've got to do 3 essays (~.~)
*nak pengsan dgr teacher ckp td*
ibu cakap buat jela...(>.<)
kawan ckp buat tak taw je la
hati cakap malas la..
tangan cakap letih la..
otak cakap tak payah la .....
dengar cakap ibu ajelah..
so terpaksa buat
*pretend happy*
Pkir2 balik 7 months left
[nak sedapkan hati]
buat aje la^-^
well, dkt sekolah td, ckgu cakap "next week exam!"
LOL Student ckp "Haa??!!eh ckgu, bukan lama lg ke?"
Cikgu cakap "ni lama [sambil seolah2 tunjuk penumbuk dengan sengih]
students tak sedar diri exam dah dekat :p
semua riuh xstudy lg..
"i will miss this part ble xskola lg^-^"
dimana student kelam kabut study last minutes
tabiat kot.. :p
ok la...
makan dluw...^-^


writtern @11:21 PM

^-^ *Freedom !! *

Salam ^-^

i had just took my delicious dinner^-^

once again, thx a million mum ^-^
And to my bestie
hope u get well soon ^-^
[demam sbb main hujan[[gatal sgt :p]] ]

so i am free tonite^-^
i can watch tv
i can sleep earlier
i can do my revision
i can read sej notes ^-^
*just a lovely nites*

and hope tomorrow will be a great day
for me and for all of u^-^


till here then



writtern @6:43 AM

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Assalamualaikum ^-^ Just back from school....
quite tired today..
but thanks to Allah^-^

everything happen today just great! [:p]
and well kelas tambahan biologi was been cancelled for today
All of us are so happy and speechless [>.<]
and mum brought me to restaurant having my yummy mee kari ^-^
thx mum!
and excited to learn new math chapter^-^
[addicted to math :p]
and add math..
[ouh! no comment :( still trying to luv it]

and biology

[love it^-^]

and chemistry

[still trying to love it but love the teacher^-^]
on 12 of Mei our school having the ujian setara :(

honestly.. i am not really ready for the exam..
but insyaAllah, i'll do my best

as my dearest bestie said

[break a leg nur! ]
doakan yew [:p]
till then...
nak ready bace goosebumps...^-^

<3 wassalam <3

writtern @11:59 PM

^-^ *tired*

Yawn :(

completing my bio's notes..
and alhamdulillah i had done my bio report ^-^
wish i could complete all my notes now..
tp tangan dah penat :(
so ibu buat kan air teh :p
next week my school will held the 'sc and math' weeks
and me and 6 of my other frens will be incharge in the bio exhibitions ^-^
wish us luck!
insyaAllah ^-^
this tuesday we have to arrange our bio's lab..
and the most i can't wait is
the blood pressure ;p
im gonna taking those people blood pressure
*excited* [wink]
i guess until here..
time to do my nota sejarah..(T_T)
just another 7 months..


writtern @8:36 AM

lol [[[luv happiness <3 <3 <3 ] ^-^

I've wrote this twice :(
bloggers prob..
but well, think on the bright side!
i am so happy!!
i manage to set my cute templates...<3
sooo cutteee <3>
nak ckp tu je...mls nak type pnjg2... :p
laters guyz!
assalamualaikum.. ^-^


writtern @6:07 AM

Into i guess <3 ^-^

Better start with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :>

Well..Frankly this is my first typing for my lovely bloggg..<3
As i would like to introduce..
I am a girl :p
Well...I am teenage muslim gurl..
and will sit on my biggest exam in my life on this end of nov.. [yeah spm!]
and purpose i create this blog is to write my routine
and my idealism
and my thought
and my problem ;)
as i am a lover of simplelism..
simple is nice..<3
and simple is beautiful..
i guess..this is up... :p
and well
'dgn ini saya merasmikan blog saya dengan bacaan Basmallah..' [hehe!]

[[[[[[Love from writer]]]]]<3>


writtern @3:54 AM